Job Change Motivation


Change Management Model

Background on Change Management Models

Change Management is about Managing Change by way of a Model that’s Innovative, Creative, Simple and Easy to Understand, as well as Quick to Implement, which guides you to go from where you are now to where you want to be, in a Start to End Process. 

Employment Transition is an area where so much Change takes place, in going from your Current Job to your New Job, or from Redundancy  (Outplacement Services) into a New Opportunity, or from Job Seeker to Employment, or from High School to your First Job, and this “Employment Transition; Job Career Change Management Model C-RIM-VNR®” acts as a Catalyst and guide which enables you to Manage this Change Process, in a positive way. 

This Model is essentially the Change Management Approach to Employment Transition or Job Career Change.


Change Management also promotes;

Continual Service Improvement

Service Improvement Initiatives

Drive Efficiencies                    

Value Add, and Improving the Process