Job Change Motivation


You should always treat people as if they are,
what they ought to be, and by doing this,
you will help them to become,
what they are capable of becoming 
(sourced from JW Von Goethe) 

Change Management Model

"Job Change Motivation" is based on the following Change Management Model

The "Employment Transition: Job Career Change Management Model C-RIM-VNR®", is Innovative, as it's an Australian First, as well as a World First and a positive approach to Job Search efforts. 


Context of “The Employment Transition; Job Career Change Management Model C-RIM-VNR®” with other Change Management Models

  1. There is Behavioural Change Management in Human Resources for Organisational Development 
  2. Then there is IT Change Management for monthly updates which takes place on your home or work computer as an example, and this can follow the ITIL® Model, which is owned by Her Majesty’s Cabinet Office in the UK, and is in worldwide use.  ITIL is abbreviated for “Information Technology Infrastructure Library”.
  3. There is also Organisational Change Management for when an organisation is going through a large implementation and employee’s roles and responsibilities change, along with new systems and processes.  This can use PROSCI’s ADKAR® Model, which is from the USA, and also in worldwide use.

Process Hierarchy Chart

The Process Hierarchy Chart.


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